Birth Film + Photos

You're breathing. Deep, slow breaths. Concentrating on giving each and every last one to the tiny soul who has been a part of you for nine months. You know that each wave brings you that much closer to holding her in your arms. You've waited for that feeling for so long... Between waves, you open your eyes to read your affirmations and look to your team for support, but mostly your eyes stay closed. You feel hands pressing on you, relieving some of the pressure, but you know it's time. You reach down and feel her head. She has hair! Another wave comes and you're so ready. You're both so ready. She's here and... she's a BOY!
He's perfect, of course. Just like you knew he'd be, and he has his daddy's eyes and his mama's mouth. Those same eyes, are looking over your shoulder, tear-filled with liquid pride.
You've never felt so tired in your life. Or so whole. And in that moment, nothing else matters. He's finally here, and you never want to forget this moment.

Let me make sure you never do. Live in your moment and leave the film and photos to me.

Real. Raw. Sacred. Powerful. Transformative. This moment will change you forever.


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Most families invest an average of $1,500 for their session. On-call sessions include coverage from the time of arrival - 1 hour after delivery. Films for birth sessions are 3+ minutes long and photo clients receive 40+ color images with their black and white counterparts.

Birth session offerings start at $400



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